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Another Question

(Better — or at least merrier — than the original)


To drink, or not to drink: that is the question

Whether 'tis best to have a healthy liver

And clear kidneys like those of a newborn

Or to take pleasure in a vintage bottle

Of wine that boasts the colour of red velvet?

To drink, to sleep...

And recommence tomorrow, prolong the dream

A thousand precious moments of pure joy

With no remorse over an ulcered stomach

That sends you a reminder. To drink, to sleep

And dream sweet dreams of those divine creations

Like cognac, wine, or, by that matter, women

All that is teasing our ruffled senses to give us

Headache in the end and yet, without it

Its ephemeral charm our life would lose

And beauty that is nicest crumpl’d with passion.

A loving heart that suffers not is boring

It withers like an overwatered flower

Inhales a lethal overdose of comfort and sinks

Without a ripple on the surface

Of life. So fear, thou, not the headache

Or the ulcer. In any case, there is a price to pay

For everything. Yet does it mean that wisely

We should refrain from living? What a waste

This would have been indeed from any standpoint

The pangs of despised love, the whips of time

Are best endured with a nice bordeaux or cognac

Without prejudice to calvados hors d’age

And other armagnacs, champagnes and aqua vitas

Be praised their inventors!

The ills we face and those we will encounter

Along the winding road among the vineyards

Will season our hearts (and our livers)

Oh, thou who drinketh not, in thy orisons

Be all our sins remember'd




A Little Unlucky


You dropped a little glance

Suggesting a romance

Before the night was through


We had a little drink

Time flew by in a wink

I thought that I had you


Imagining the rest

I was a little stressed

My poor heart kept thumping


But little did I know

The whole thing was a show

And I was in for dumping


But no, I am not crying

Although it’s kind of hard

To be so torn apart


And I'll just keep on trying

To find a kinder heart

For a restart




Lime Rhymes. Why


Once a dubious poet named «Why»

Had a dream that he really could fly

As an ultimate proof

He jumped off the roof

What a moron this poet named «Why»!




Lime Rhymes. Lydia


A student from Oxford called Lydia

Was a walking encyclopedia

Once she tripped on a goat

Who then tore up her coat

They both made front page of the media




Lime Rhymes. Jeremy Brown


A young waiter called Jeremy Brown

Was the clumsiest guy in the town

He would try more and more

But, alas, on the floor

All his toasts ended butter side down




Lime Rhymes. Paul


Paul, a young employee at the Post

Dated Sarah whom he liked the most

But one day in the end

Caught her with his best friend

And just stood there pale as a ghost




Lime Rhymes. Clare


Once a penny-tight lady named Clare

Very cunningly trimmed her own hair

Of herself very proud

She would walk in a crowd

While the latter would freeze and just stare




Lime Rhymes. Mike


A student from Oxford called Mike

Had a tutor whom he didn’t like

When the tutor was riding

In a bush Mike sat hiding

And shouted at him: «On your bike!»




Lime Rhymes. Catherine Brown


Catherine Brown who was strikingly blond

In the winter once swam in a pond

To the fish’s delight

She turned strikingly white

And her colours did then correspond


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